TIME IS ONE: the rest is just illusion.

I was just a kid when I got my first digital hand watch. Back then, before computer revolution, that was as real as it got. And it really was a hit among my school partners. Some time later, while making some space and cleaning up old stuff, I found that very same watch I just told you about, just as broken as it was when I had placed it in my “memories box”, that material objects container that somehow refuse to be left aside due to mind-games we all need to play so to preserve our identities in time.

I think it was the Christmas before last christmas, or maybe deeper in time, that my life companion -having seen my nostalgic look at the reliquary- decided to make me a present, consisting that in a very delicate replica of that very own same watch, well known manufacturer that you will excuse I do not mention in this small essay. That present, simple and effective, really struck deep into my heart.

That watch -I mean the old one- was one of the lasts I used, back in high school, only in examination periods, so to actually be synchronized with the rest of the world. Since then, due to the progressive time-a-tization of my very next environment (that is the world as it flows) everyone and everywhere you needed to know the time you would see a watch somewhere. (zeroui may very well have begun by that time...). And if not, you could allways ask someone nearby. He would tell you. That's the reason why I would not wear watch. And also because it was something attached to me, and that never really made me feel more comfortable at all.

Anyway I was (and currently am) so happy with it. But one day (or maybe it was at night time, I cannot remember) something bothered my tranquility. A small detail came into my mind. It was small, but it was drastic. In that situation, most of the times, we shut our mind up and make as if we had not realized anything at all. It is a matter of survival, experts say. But we know the seed is there and it is just a matter of time it appears one time, two and more.

You see, my old watch also had a day and time thing running, in which you could set up the month and week day (number and weekday, get that clear?!) and have it displayed in the upper right part of the screen. Now that is a matrix. Well guess what: this old device could not be so clever as to know month it was running on so, so eventually you would have to put it in time. You know that 31th, 30th, 28th and even 29th every 5 years thing... january, February, March... You would manually correct that parameter.

That update, in the new model, runs by default. Up-to-date I have not found myself in the need of exercising such correction. Times have indeed changed. Have they not?






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